It's time to

Realize Your Greatness

Create Success, Transformation and Spiritual Power

You're in the right place to experience how the powers of your mind can take your life to an entirely new level.

It's for you as well as for your work with others!

Want to know your true purpose?
Release your obstacles?
Step into your inner power?
Have a breakthrough to the next level of your life?

Realize Your Greatness

Would you like to Realize Your Greatness?

If you want to dynamically experience the awesome power of your mind and to heal and transform anything in your life, you've come to the right place.

This can be the most innovative program you've ever experienced, as well as the most transformational and healing.

If you're going through difficulties in your life, this will help you.

If you work with others, this will give you hundreds of ideas of what to do.

You can transform

  • Negative thoughts, emotions and patterns
  • Difficulties with your work
  • Challenges in your relationships
  • Losses of any kind
  • Financial challenges
  • Any else in the way of your true expansion  

"My mind is a center of divine operation. The divine operation is always
for expansion and further expression – and that means the production of
something beyond which has gone before…"

Thomas Troward

All of the techniques are graphically described in a magical story to help you transform your deepest issues and move to a higher level of life.


Your Realize Your Greatness membership program is an opportunity for you to create more success, transformation, and spiritual power in your life now.

Let go of:

  • Old seeming  failures and the impressions they've left on you
  • Self-criticism that can be detrimental to your soul
  • Old patterns and habits of non-productivity and floundering
  • Holding on to your old self-limiting uncomfortable "comfort zones"
  • Lack of direction and confidence
  • Unfulfilled dreams
  • Overwhelming fears and stresses
  • Constant struggles in work, relationships, and finances
  • Worrying and wishing you could be what you know you really are
  • Not earning what you know you can earn even in a challenged economy
  • Setbacks and losses you've had
  • Frustrations about not being where you'd like to be in life
  • Not feeling the true happiness you know is within you

Here's what one person in our program said:
"Your 'Realize Your Greatness' course has helped me on so many levels. Since I've been listening to the modules, things are happening rapidly. I'm getting my own cable TV show, I'm writing and getting together my first free teleseminars, positive people are coming into my life , and they are helping me on my journey. The most important thing I'm learning to do is let go of my ego…Wow, and this is just the beginning!"
~Gerrie Cook, Cht.,

What You Get from this Wonderful Membership Program:

Realize Your Greatness is a program that takes you on a true life adventure to your inner power, life purpose, fulfillment, and greatness. It's a program that gives you great inspiration and personal transformational tools for overcoming all obstacles.

How It's Done:

It's given to you in the form of weekly recordings and modules, and in it is a story that weaves through every module. Its focus is manifesting a "chief aim" and in the process clearing out anything that may be in the way. You take a journey with the main character of the story and meet people who are life transformers, and they show you how to transform your thoughts and emotions so that you create success, use the law of attraction in new ways, and realize your personal and spiritual power.

You're inspired to move beyond all previous limitations, and you learn extraordinary techniques for self-transformation.

The Main Character and the People She Takes You to Meet:

You're introduced to Alice, a woman who meets a powerful advisor and mentor who teaches her important secrets and then sends her to visit some of his colleagues: a mind healer, emotional consultant, hypnotist, yogi, life coach, spiritual advisor, and many more. Alice engages in dialogues with them as she travels the road to realizing her greatness.

She journeys to their environments and learns how to transform the quality of her thoughts, shift her habits, and manifest both her divine and worldly fulfillment.

"I really feel blessed that I've had this opportunity to take part in your program. It has changed my world. I'm free of situations that used to rule me, and now they are passing thoughts. I love the journey Alice took us on, the other characters we meet, and all the techniques that were taught along the way. I thought the program was fantastic and the story line kept me coming back for more. The techniques are invaluable to my personal and professional life and the once a month payment with the affordable price made it possible for me to take the course. The calls through the month help keep me on track as well. I just can't even begin to express the freedom and joy I have experienced through this whole course."
Thank you so much,
Lori Jackson
"I have a renewed since of hope and transformation myself since I started this amazing program. I am starting to use it with my clients and I am getting really good results. I can really connect personally with Alice and I understand all the things she has gone thru as I to search for my purpose in this changing time.  I have not had the guides in my life that she has had but now I am keeping my eyes open so I will realize when a guide comes into my life. I think of you as one for sure."
Thank you,
Diane Rohlfs, BCH


What Else You Get from this Program:

  • In every module, you'll find Action Steps that include healing techniques, wisdom secrets, affirmations, guided visualizations, and spiritual principles.
  • At the beginning of each module, you'll read four brief stories of well-known people who overcame great obstacles and became noteworthy and even famous, brief stories of people like Deepak Chopra, Abraham Lincoln, the Buddha, Whoopi Goldberg, Barack Obama, Sigmund Freud, and many more.
  • Each month, you also get two teleseminars, one extended meditation, a great forum and community, and more.
  • You can choose to become a Certified Life Transformation Consultant with one additional month at the end of six months.
Listen to Kim's comments about the
Realize Your Greatness Program...
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"The Realize your Greatness program is brimming over with beautiful reminders of just how powerful, amazing and, well, great, we truly are.  From the wonderful stories and thought-provoking quotes, to the powerful exercises and soothing visualizations, this program contains a variety of highly valuable gems to inspire you week after week. What I love so much about this program, aside from the variety contained in the inspirational content, is that it serves as a constant, uplifting reminder to me of why I'm here and of my deep and vital importance to the world at this time. 

"I'm sure these modules will continue to bring encouragement, inspiration and joy to my spirit long after the program has ended.  That's the beauty of these materials... you can return to them again and again, any time you need to re-member, recognize and *experience* your true greatness.

"Since beginning this program, I've experienced a profound shift in my outlook, my productivity and in my results in the physical world.  Silly as it may sound, I really feel like this program has served as one of the catalysts that have assisted me in shining my deepest radiance from the inside out, and for that I am sincerely grateful.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to discover, claim and live his or her greatness."      
~ Love and Blessings,
Kim Loftis

Bring your work and life to an expanded level. The realization of your greatness and spiritual power is now more readily available than ever before.

Explore how to bring this expanded transformation to your life in practical ways that increase your income and assist you to manifest the next level of your work and life.

Here's what more people are saying about our program:
"I just listened to the Meditation Two and I just loved it .... Thank you for the course "Realize Your Greatness." I have been on your mailing list for about three years and I have always enjoyed your messages. This course is perfect for me at this time because I am at the point that I want to expand my business and I know the information and tools are here in the materials for me realize this goal. I am delighted with the course so far. I will have to do it at my own pace. Some weeks I have more time than others that is why I like your course. I can go at my own pace. Thank you for all the caring and love that you so generously weave into your materials, it comes through beautifully. I look forward each day to the new materials."
Larienna Maja Weeks
"Thank you, Marilyn. I am getting so much out of this program. I love it. It's really wonderful. I look forward to my new module every week."
Donna Warfield
"The program is so effective and powerful. I've already helped people who've had difficulties and stresses. I can really make a difference in their lives using these techniques. The program has given me a sense of great self esteem and the feeling that I can accomplish change. I feel I'm evolving with each challenge. This is a great program for all people, and the ones who've had downturns and challenges in their lives can benefit so much. Thank you for opening my eyes to these wonderful tools. They've helped me and others so much. I'm experiencing many transformations."
~ Pat Saks

Here are specific outcomes you may receive:

  • Advance in your career or in a special project
  • Develop your inner powers and outer manifestations
  • Expand your prosperity exponentially
  • Create powerful, effective relationships
  • Make a difference in the world through your contribution
  • Feel confident about who you are
  • Succeed in any endeavor you'd like
  • Write a book or get your book into the world
  • Be a speaker or a life transformer
  • Heal your body and mind
  • Open your heart to greater levels of love and expansion
  • Find your true life purpose and realize it
  • Express yourself and your talents
  • Raise the level of your vibration
  • Expand your relationship with the Universe
  • Move to the highest level of your life
  • And any other aspiration you may have!

Listen to Marilyn Gordon's teleseminar:
Six Keys for Raising Your Vibration and Moving Your Life to
Higher Levels of Success and Self Realization

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You can do, be, and have
what you came to this earth for.

You need to have a systematic solution for your situation. You need to have clarity of purpose, to have your voice heard, to make the money you deserve, to bring your creativity and life purpose to fruition, to be hopeful and enthusiastic, to make a difference in the world.

You need a step by step, systematic solution.

Our program assists you to focus your mind and transform your thought vibrations to transmit and receive clear messages of what you'd like to attain in your life. Overcome challenging habits of mind. Manifest your aspirations and realize your dreams. Become centered in your highest self.

"I just want you to know this is an amazing woman...She transformed my life!"
Listen to Emaia's whole unsolicited endorsement...
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~ Emaia Robinson
“Your new program is sooooo beautiful and full of radiates success for all who embrace it! With Overflowing Joy and Appreciation.”
~ Elizabeth Diamond
"Marilyn emanates the light and enables other so connect with that in themselves. She communicated with me as though I were the only one present. Dynamic!"
~ Donna H
“Marilyn is not only a gifted and caring teacher, she also has that rare ability to motivate and help students to actually do something with the skills she teaches. My expectations have been greatly exceeded, and I have very high standards for all that I do.”
~ MC
"I'm absolutely blown away. I don't know what Marilyn did, but my whole attitude has changed. That terrifying fear is gone. I've been making calls for new jobs, and I'm not eating so much. I was skeptical at first, but now I'm so lifted up. Thank you!"
~ Judy, Palo Alto CA
"She helped me turn my life around."
~ Kathy. Fremont CA
"Marilyn is very gifted in her work as a hypnotherapist and abundantly so as a teacher. I got way more out of this course that I ever imagined was possible! It was full of an enormous amount of love, healing and many tools to work with.”
~ PJ
"Marilyn's style is clear and concise. She presents info in a very organized fashion. Handouts were great. Great humor also. She has a wonderful high energy level.
~ Mary F.
"Your writing is so inspirational, wise and deeply true. Your words are so powerful and beautiful that they cause a great resonance with me. Every time I read what you have to say , I am moved and deeply inspired. I breath in new insight."


Think about how much your old obstacles
have been costing you.

What could your life be like without them?


Are you ready for a breakthrough to another level of life?


Here's How the "Realize Your Greatness" Program Works:

It's delivered via a special membership program, and it's so affordable, you won't even believe it. The $17 per month membership includes weekly documents with an audio version delivered online, monthly (and more) interactive or informational teleseminars with Marilyn Gordon and very special guests, audio programs in the form of mp3s, videos, and special bonuses. You'll also have the opportunity to join an email group of kindred spirits to create a mastermind community. You will also be able to become a Certified Life Transformation Consultant with one extra month of training.

You'll receive:

  • Encouragement, support, education, guidance, healing, transformation
  • A Mastermind Community email group, a transformational interactive community of kindred spirits
  • Teleseminars: Q & A calls, mentoring calls, guest speaker calls every month
  • Guest posts each month
  • Interviews
  • Audio recordings
  • Videos
  • Affirmations
  • Guided visualizations and hypnosis processes
  • Quotes
  • Regular bonuses
  • Transformation of  your obstacles
  • Spiritual transformation
  • Ideas, materials, tools and techniques
  • Practical and spiritual wisdom
  • Creative inspiration, stories
  • Action steps to take your experience into the world
  • Tender loving care
  • And so much more!


The Realize Your Greatness program is delivered via a special membership site for only $17 per month
(That's right!) And you're free to cancel your subscription at any time – though it's hard to imagine why you would! You can receive a full refund for the first month if you cancel within 30 days of signup. After that you can cancel at any time – no refunds, but no further charges.

You can become a Certified Life Transformation Consultant with one additional month of training and by completing the “Realize Your Greatness” program. You’ll also need to answer some questions at the end of the program. You’ll learn a great deal, and by participating you’ll be able to assist many people with the issues of their lives. There will also be a reasonable additional fee.

Click Here for more information on the Certification Program.

To become certified, you first join our
Realize Your Greatness program, and here’s how:

Receive over $75 worth of bonuses.
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Realize Your Greatness Now!Just $17 per month


Move to Higher Levels of Your Life

"Straight from the heart. She touched a place in me. An excellent, enlightening informative experience."
~ Teri D.
"Very grounded yet spiritual teacher."
~ Allan S.
"Wonderful, inspiring, magical, uplifting."
~ Jill S.
"This woman is hot. Knows her stuff. She heals, she plays; she's fabulous. A keeper. A+"
~ Cynthia T
"Outstanding! So many revelations. Great warmth, love and caring."
~ Bunny J.
"Marilyn is very gifted and intuitive. A pleasure to be in her presence to share her knowledge."
~ Sharon H.
"Content-rich beyond belief. Remarkable. Love and spirituality gave this experience a very special dimension."
~ Margaret S.
"She has a style that is spellbinding. Dynamite, Connected!"
~ J..S. E.
"Marilyn is indeed blessed to be doing this work, inspiring and empowering people to find themselves, sharing the light of knowledge and wisdom. Her being is a gift."
~Nalini K

You know deep inside that you have greatness in you and
that you have a life purpose to fulfill.

The time is now to Realize Your Greatness.
The world is waiting for your contribution.

It's time to have a breakthrough, honor yourself, do what
you came here to do, and stand in your power.
The earth is waiting for your light!

Here's what this is:

This is a membership program called "Realize Your Greatness." When you sign up, you receive our materials weekly via your computer or phone.  You then move step by step into higher levels of your transformation.         

Some of the material is given to you live via teleseminars. Some of these teleseminars are interactive; others are inspirational and educational. You'll also receive mp3 recordings and handouts in our membership area, and you can join a forum of kindred spirits to create a mastermind community. You will hear from special guest teachers, and you'll also have special Q & A opportunities at designated times.

To become certified, you first join our
Realize Your Greatness program, and here’s how:
Click Here for more information on the Certification Program.

Receive over $75 worth of bonuses.
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Realize Your Greatness Now!Just $17 per month


“This has been the most important and the deepest experience I’ve ever had. Thank you for bringing the techniques and the information to us in such a beautiful, compassionate and loving way.”
~ DN
“This class has been the one that reached into my soul and touched the very essence of me! We were helped to feel free to be there for our clients. What a gift to give one another.”
~ NP
“This class has surpassed my expectations. Your presence, techniques, written material – all superb. I could not have asked for the course to be better. I found the tools I’ve been looking for.”
~ SM
“Wow! What a fantastic class. It is the single best thing I have ever done.  Thank you so much!” With Gratitude,
~ LZ
“Marilyn has a way of teaching that makes learning effortless. Her style has a way of bringing a class together. When I read her book “Extraordinary Healing,” I came to realize that she is also an extraordinary person and healer, a human being who is truly gifted, as well as a gift, to those that she touches!”
~ RB
“You helped me to free myself from many of the restraints I have put on myself. I learned what a true healer is and does.”
~ DR

I think I heard you say, "This is awesome!"
And you're right; this is AWESOME!

Here's an opportunity to release your obstacles, break through to another level of your life, realize your potentials, create more money, and connect with your source of inspiration and spiritual power.

While specific results are not guaranteed (as that depends a great deal on you), your satisfaction is guaranteed. There is a 30 day money-back guarantee for the first 30 days. You can cancel at any time thereafter, but there is no refund.

Because of our work in these areas, many people have transformed their life paths:

  • 5 have opened their own hypnosis schools
  • Many have opened their own hypnosis practices
  • Many have transformed their habits, lost weight, succeeded in their businesses, passed exams.
  • Many have shifted their relationships
  • Many have lifted their consciousness levels.

We have assisted people to give direction to their lives so they can effectively do what they came here to do and assist in the transformation of consciousness on the planet.

We have helped them to
  • Uplift and transform their lives
  • Become on purpose
  • Create skills and confidence to increase their income
  • Shift their consciousness


About Marilyn Gordon:

Marilyn Gordon is a life transformation teacher, healer, award-winning speaker and board certified hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy school founder/director, and author.

She has been recognized with five major awards from the National Guild of Hypnotists. The latest award is Educator of the Year, voted on by participants in 2008.  She is also a member of the NGH Advisory Board, and she was inducted into the NGH Council of Braid, a lifetime achievement recognition for her contributions to the profession.

Her latest book is The Wise Mind: The Brilliant Key to Life Transformation and Healing. She has also produced numerous CDs, DVDs, and other transformational tools. She has been on the spiritual path for over 35 years in the areas of yoga, meditation, spiritual healing, and life transformation. Find out more at

"I love to assist others to have success and enlightenment,
to see them awaken and create actions
that further the purpose of their lives."
~ Marilyn Gordon ~

You can become a Certified Life Transformation Consultant with one additional month of training and by completing the “Realize Your Greatness” program. You’ll also need to answer some questions at the end of the program. You’ll learn a great deal, and by participating you’ll be able to assist many people with the issues of their lives. There will also be a reasonable additional fee.

Click Here for more information on the Certification Program.

To become certified, you first join our
Realize Your Greatness program, and here’s how:

Receive over $75 worth of bonuses.
Click Here for Details!

Realize Your Greatness Now!Just $17 per month!

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Realize Your

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Look Inside There is nothing like the awesome power of your mind to transform anything in your life. Read Module One of "Realize Your Greatness" to experience the beginnings of an extraordinary transformational process that can take your life upward into a new dimension. This is good for you or for the work you do with others. This is a totally inspiring, powerfully healing program.


Take a look inside!

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Satisfaction guaranteed.


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